Research & Development

Clare Macavoy, TADSS Lead Andrew HollandTADSS Research & Development Committee

The aim of this committee group is to promote and share best practice.  This will be achieved through a focus on having positive learning outcomes and maximising the impact on pupils & students within the 5 schools. There is also a desire to enhance the skills, knowledge and understanding of the staff, families and professionals involved with each young person.  This can be achieved through supporting individuals, partnerships or small groups to create current, relevant and practical based research projects. The Research & Development Committee can enable staff from all roles with a range of backgrounds to explore specific interests and promote opportunities by providing funding and guidance.  For all of those involved, this takes us on a pathway to collaboration and integrated self-development.

Ongoing work includes:

  • Attachment disorder or ASD? – sharing good practice and research .
  • ICT curriculum sharing.
  • New technology in the classroom.
  • Research project on the 14 – 19 curriculum.