Nearly 400 staff from the Teaching Alliance of Dorset Special School met together to share good practice, learn new skills and hear our guest speaker Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson. Tanni gave an motivating and entertaining address which encouraged us all to raise our aspirations, both for our pupils and for ourselves by setting goals, planning and looking for support from those around us.

“A real privilege to hear how far a person with disability can go in life. Very inspiring.”

“Amazing talk – couldn’t believe how quickly the hour went.” “Seeing TGT and hearing her speak about her life, an achievement, childhood, daily struggles was truly inspirational and incredibly motivating for work and in my own personal life.” “Brilliant ambassador for special needs.” “

Other events included a wellbeing session which gave staff practical strategies to support day to day living, cope with stress and anxiety and recognise their own needs.

“Helped re-evaluate how to deal/cope with anxieties. What’s really important and how to deal with concerns.”   “Great speaker, fun and thought provoking.” “Good to see that wellbeing or looking after ourselves is seen as important.”

Curriculum leaders groups gave opportunities to link up across schools and form common understanding and knowledge of specific areas for joint working.

A series of workshops on aspects of SEND took place in the afternoon and ‘Beach Schools’, ‘Independent learning in the special school’ and ‘Social Stories’ were part of the learning offered.

“A fabulous day – so inspiring!” “Another great day to be able to talk, share and compare our practice, thank you.”