13 January 2017, 1.30 – 3.30pm
Dorford Centre, DORCHESTER DT1 1RR
£35 per person including refreshments

‘The basis of the STAR approach is that all episodes of problem behaviour need to be seen as actions with a purpose to receive a specific response.’



Topics covered will include:

  •  Exploration of the STAR approach
  • How to analyse why challenging behaviours happen
  • Tools and materials for analysis
  • Developing understanding of the key factors
  • Ways of supporting pupil self-awareness
  • How to encourage better pupil choices for moving forward

Aisla Maclean-Wood, Head of Additional Needs at Westfield Arts College. Aisla is responsible for ASD provision and supporting pupils with difficult and dangerous behaviour. Aisla is a TeamTeach tutor and EarlyBird Plus trainer, she has a background in psychology and over 25 years experience in ASD.

Ros MCGill, Ros McGill, Head of Additional Needs at Beaucroft Foundation School. Ros supports pupils with a range of complex needs including ASD and associated anxieties and behaviours. Ros is an experienced outreach teacher and is an NAS EarlyBird Plus trainer.


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