What is an SLE?

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools.

Tracey Page – Deputy Head Teacher, Mountjoy School.  At Mountjoy School we have been running a Multi Sensory Engagement curriculum for several years. This curriculum allows our most complex learners the opportunity to make and show progress. I can actively support others with the setting up of this type of curriculum including issues such as classroom organisation, resource and activity ideas, record keeping, evidence, assessment and data systems.


Sarah Case – Support Services Manager, Mountjoy School. I  sit on the Senior Leadership Team and lead on Finance, HR and Facilities.  I joined Mountjoy in September 2016, prior to this I was Senior Finance Officer in a mainstream primary school. I have experience of planning and delivering strategic initiatives in schools such as bringing services ‘in-house’ and tendering projects in line with relevant legislation.  I have dealt with complex personnel matters and can share good practice on a wide range of human resources matters.


Lisa White – Head of Primary & Communication, Wyvern Academy. I have many years of experience in teaching pupils with Autism, using a variety of approaches to support  best practice, including Attention Autism.  I welcome opportunities to work with colleagues on solution focussed interventions and delivery of INSET and Inreach.  Along with my ASD expertise I have a deep understanding of  how to use Sensory resources to help pupils cope with anxiety.


Lee-Ann Hale – Behaviour Intervention Co-ordinator, Wyvern Academy. I am a fully trained ’Dorset Steps’ tutor and can deliver practical, child centred behaviour support to staff in other settings.   I enjoy working with challenging pupils and sharing my expertise on strategies and approaches for pupils who exhibit behaviours which impact negatively on their learning.



Richard Holt – Assistant Head, Wyvern Academy. My specialisms are behaviour, assessment and curriculum for pupils with SEND and as an experienced Outreach teacher, I can support school staff and pupils working with ASD, SEND and the creation of appropriate learning experiences and assessment methods for complex needs, including PMLD.  I am also a fully trained Dorset Steps tutor.



Kerry Stewart – Teacher, Westfield Arts College. I have 13 years experience of working within a special school. During that time I have worked in the Early years, Primary, Secondary phases and currently teach pupils with complex behaviour and ASD. I am an Attachment Lead for Dorset, an Outreach teacher and a trained Nurture Teacher who specialises in ASD and complex behaviours.



Jen Griffin – Sensory Subject Leader and Early Years Leader, Westfield Arts College. I have been teaching children with sensory needs for a number of years, and have led the sensory curriculum at Westfield for the past 7 years. Through Outreach, TADSS conferences and Chesil Partnership Conferences I have presented training and guidance on the identification of sensory needs and how to support students who need additional sensory provision. I am keen to work with as many colleagues as possible to help to spread the message that an increasing number of students are experiencing sensory difficulties and numerous ways in which we, as professionals, can help them.  In addition to my knowledge of sensory needs, I also have a great deal of experience of teaching students with ASD, and particularly how to successfully combine ASD friendly practice with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


Karen Whiter – SENCO, Westfield Arts College. I have many years of experience in teaching pupils with ASD / Complex Needs / Sensory Processing difficulties, using a variety of approaches to support progress and best  practice.  I am an experienced Outreach teacher and welcome opportunities to work with colleagues. I am happy to advise on and support the implementation of strategies and resources, intervention programmes, the creation of appropriate learning experiences and deliver INSET.



Caroline Hubbuck – ASD Outreach Advisor and Trainer, Westfield Arts College. I have worked with children with ASD for 25 years in various capacities: from supporting children in residential schemes to working in the role of Assistant Head at Westfield. I now train staff and parents across Dorset to gain a better understanding of ASD, communication and how to analyse behaviour. I am passionate about ensuring that all children are understood and supported to fulfil their individual potential. I believe in empowering parents and professionals to understand ASD, the reasons for specific behaviours and coaching them to apply effective strategies that support individual children.


Sue Gurney-Legg – Teacher and Outreach Lead. I am a Middle Leader at Mountjoy School. I have been a teacher for 32 years, 5 years in Hampshire and the rest here at Mountjoy. I lead on Outreach support for all West Dorset Mainstream Primary Schools, as part of the TADSS Outreach Team. This involves supporting the SEND pupils to be included within the mainstream environment by modelling, teaching different sensory therapeutic strategies and setting up structured environments for ASC pupils. Many schools have adapted their practise through successful in-reach and changed their schools’ ethos. I can support and inspire you to develop your sensory and therapeutic approaches in order to support and progress children and young people with SEND.


For more information on how to book an NLE or SLE, please click here http://tadss.co.uk/sles/book-an-sle/