School Support

The School to School support committee is attended by a range of staff from the 5 TADSS schools. We are working to strengthen networks of support between the alliance schools. To this end we have established 10 subject leader groups which are forums for subject leaders or other interested staff to come together to share information or seek support. Recent meetings have included the following activities:

• The English group have decided to explore the use of iPads in schools.School_support
• The Maths group met to carry out cross school moderation of space shape and measure.
• The music group had a very positive meeting and will possibly be doing some cross school work in relation to developing the use of Skoogs.
• Science group shared approached to the planning of Science.

We are also planning to encourage staff to use learning walks to give staff the chance to learn from TADSS provisions first hand and to support each other in evaluating new developments. Subject leader groups are being used as a forum for staff to make requests for learning walks which can then be fed back to the School to School support committee.