Internship Programme

‘Leadership must grow by design – we need to increase the opportunities for individuals to lead, broaden their experiences and knowledge of different contexts and strengthen skills sets.’
(‘What We Know About Successful School Leadership’ NCSL, May 2007)

Taking our lead from the National College, TADSS is committed to providing its staff with opportunities to spend time in other schools. By working alongside a successful leader in a TADSS school, comparing best practice and gaining an insight into the life of a school leader, staff with ambition in our schools are supported to develop the capacity to become effective future school leaders.

Our Leadership Intern Programme booklet supports interns through a tailor-made experience that can be anything from just a morning to four full days. Internships can also be provided for non-alliance schools. Contact TADSS for further information.

“My internship in a TADSS school was one of the most powerful CPD experiences I have had. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly.’
Emma (middle leader, Beaucroft School)