Developing New Leaders

No other position in education offers the freedoms and the opportunities to improve children’s lives that school senior leadership does – and particularly headship. Yet we have a national school leadership crisis …….. TADSS is committed to identifying and supporting the talent for leadership that exists in its schools, giving staff the confidence they need to take the next step towards what many describe as ‘the best job in education’.

Leadership Development

There are several ways that TADSS can help you to improve your leadership knowledge and support you in furthering your ambitions or perhaps identifying your next steps.

Our Follow the Leader programme seeks to inspire Head teachers of the future through shadowing a leader in a non-educational environment.

For those who are considering the next step up in their careers, , the Leadership Internship programme gives you the opportunity to shadow a leader in another TADSS school, for example, a head of department, office manager, HLTA, deputy head, etc.

The Dream Team has a successful track record in training support staff leaders in schools, such as IT managers, office staff, catering and site managers and teacher team leaders.