ITT Committee

Karen Bidwell - Chair of Initial Teacher Training Committee

Karen Bidwell – Chair of Initial Teacher Training Committee

A Message from the Chair

The ITT sub committee have now met 3 times enabling us all to have a very clear picture of how ITT works in our school settings. We are all in agreement about the important contribution special schools can make in enriching the education and experiences of those coming into the teaching profession.

Whilst wanting to maintain the existing partnerships we have with ITT providers, we recognize that there is an increasing role for us all to play and capacity to accommodate requests for placements can sometimes be an issue, especially in the primary phase. We have now produced information for the TADSS website and a TADSS ITT folder that gives background on the schools and indicates what each school can offer in terms of placements. This can be sent out to providers for those who want to increase their ITT involvement or can be used for those schools who cannot fulfill the needs of a provider who approaches them. This will enable us to share the benefits and commitments between all 5 schools.

In order to ensure the quality of support for trainees and consistency of approach, the sub-committee felt they would benefit from joint training from a provider. We are very grateful to Rachel Ware and Jos Sumner from Exeter University, who as one of our providers and strategic alliance members, provided training for our schools on Friday 26th April. This included an overview of the ITT programmes at Exeter, how trainees are mentored and supported and the expectations of the provider. This will be invaluable in developing shared best practice across TADSS in the future.