9th, 10th & 11th July 2018  
9.30 – 4.00
Venue: Dorchester area TBC

£450 for the 3 days


Three days training in an up to date, practical and therapeutic approach for understanding and responding to behaviour within settings for children and young people. Participants will then be qualified as ‘Steps Tutors’ for their setting. Limited places available. Suitable for SENCOs and Senior Leadership Team members.


Originally developed in the Norfolk education authority and subsequently also adopted as a whole county strategy by Hertfordshire and Essex, Step On is training in de-escalation. It emphasises the importance of consistency and teaching internal, rather than imposing external, discipline. It focuses on care and control, not punishment. It uses techniques to de-escalate a situation before a crisis occurs and, where a crisis does occur, it adopts techniques to reduce the risk of harm



  • Develop shared values
  • Promote a therapeutic understanding of behaviour
  • Develop skills in communication, diversion and de-escalation strategies
  • Develop a consistent approach to everyday physical interventions
  • Introduce risk management documentation  
  • Introduce law and guidance in the area of physical intervention
  • Introduce skills for working with young people post incident

Your trainer, ANGELA WADHAM, is the originator of the Norfolk Steps programme, having worked in the field of child behaviour support since 1996 and was one of the first Team Teach principal tutors. In 2009, Angela developed the Norfolk Steps programme which has been adopted county wide and following its proven success, introduced the training to Hertfordshire County Council in 2013, leading to Hertfordshire Steps as their behaviour policy across multi agencies. Angela then developed Essex Steps programme and has trained tutors in the Dorset Special Schools (TADSS).

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