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Welcome to the website of the Teaching Alliance of Dorset Special Schools (TADSS). The alliance is committed to developing a collaborative approach to the education, support and inspiration of pupils with SEN and the staff working with them in both special school and mainstream settings. We look forward to working with you.

The School 2 School support committee is attended by a range of staff from the 5 TADSS schools. We are working to strengthen networks of support between the alliance schools. To this end we have established 10 subject leader groups which are forums for subject leaders or other interested staff to come together to share […]

                Opportunities for Discovery! Is there a question or issue you would like to explore in your classroom practice?  TADSS would like to support staff in carrying out research projects on a small or large scale. Click here to see how we can help Research & Development Committee. The […]

Latest news from the Leadership and Development Committee Welcome to the TADSS Leadership and Development Committee. Like other TADSS committees, we are drawn from across the five Dorset special schools and we are all at varying stages of our careers. We represent leaders across the whole school setting, not just those at the top of […]

The ITT sub committee have now met 3 times enabling us all to have a very clear picture of how ITT works in our school settings. We are all in agreement about the important contribution special schools can make in enriching the education and experiences of those coming into the teaching profession. Whilst wanting to […]

Helen is Deputy Head at MountjoySchool, having previously led the Autism Base there.  She is an experienced Outreach Teacher and a Team Teach tutor.  Helen has delivered training across Dorset schools and age ranges 2 – 19, successfully facilitating problem solving around behaviour issues. Jenny has been School Business Manager at Westfield Arts College for […]

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