Latest news from the Leadership and Development Committee

Welcome to the TADSS Leadership and Development Committee. Like other TADSS committees, we are drawn from across the five Dorset special schools and we are all at varying stages of our careers. We represent leaders across the whole school setting, not just those at the top of the tree! We have the interests of all leaders at heart: leaders of class teams, as well as subject leaders and heads and deputies

Future Leaders

We need to identify and develop future leaders across TADSS to ensure that our children have the very best people and that all our schools can continue to operate at the highest levels of achievement. Our mission as a committee is to build capacity for leadership development at all levels across all of our special schools; so that whatever your career development goals are, we can to signpost the right route for you to meet your aims.

Exciting Plans

We have some exciting plans for leadership development; already we have taken audits of school staff skills in order to provide analysis of the best paths for progress for all school staff. This is helping us to create a provision map within TADSS where we create our own bespoke training and learning opportunities for all leaders.

Breaking Down Barriers

We aim to break down barriers to leadership progression, so we will also be holding a leadership development focus day in the new school year to help future leaders identify the right pathway for their own development, we are in the midst of planning some very interesting proposals for internships across the teaching alliance so future leaders can undertake learning in another school setting.


There has never been a better time to take opportunities for reflective learning and self-development if you have any further queries or comments please do speak to your TADDS Leadership and Development representative and of course we would welcome participation in our group from people at all levels of school life.

Tessa Care and Clive Padgett